Equipment: MRI: Track 2 Acquisition of a Novel Performance-Driven 3D Imaging System for Extremely Noisy Objects (NPIX).

National Science Foundation.

Funding Opportunity: NSF 23-519 Major Research Instrumentation Program.

Principal Investigator:  Navid Asadi.

Co-Principal Investigators:  Mark Tehranipoor, Alina Zare, Michele Manuel, R. Forghani.

Project description: Grant for the acquisition of the NPIX system at the University of Florida, to be accessible to students, researchers, and industry partners, and positions the university to be the only one worldwide equipped with such capability. NPIX system offers advanced unique 3D internal inspection capabilities to complement the current imaging systems at UF. This will provide new research opportunities by providing nondestructive, 3D imaging essential for identifying critical micro-structural or morphological features to fundamental material or biological processes. This system will enable and support research in four critical areas: (1) Characterizing semiconductors and electronics including wafers, heterogenous integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, etc.; (2) Characterizing the composition of agricultural species diversity to better understand the processes and produce more desirable plant traits (drought resistant, more carbon sequestration, more yield, etc.); (3) Providing the most advanced X-ray system for medical research and development on full sized samples; (4) The instrument also supports educational initiatives at the graduate, undergraduate, and high-school level, data support for 3D machine learning initiatives, and engages the public through outreach and the Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH) Education and Exhibition Center.